Daily Prompt: Out of Your Reach

Was there a toy or thing you always wanted as a child, during the holidays or on your birthday, but never received? Tell us about it.

Hmmmn!!! for me thats a very hard one, “he must have had a very great childhood” you may say, but to surprise you the reverse is the case, infact the reason why it is a difficult topic for me to talk about is the fact that I don’t know which one of my ‘out of reach’ experience I would like to share.

Christmas is the climax of the year for us, we make the best of family moments, get our new clothes, enough to eat and drink (minus alchohol *hehehe*), great time with the television watching the story of Jesus over and over again. But as for getting gift and all of that… well that is just out of the question

Out of it all, I guess bicycle is the toy I would have love to have that was out of my reach, as much as my parent cared for my needs to the best of their ability and put priority on my education, I was told I would have gotten a bicycle but for the fact that I could injure myself with it.

Getting a bit older I got to know that, my parent’s polite way of saying no to my request is to make me see reasons why my desires could be bad for me.



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The voice of social justice, social change and activism. At 42 years of age In May of 1961, Nelson Mandela gave his first-ever interview to ITN reporter Brian Widlake




“Tonight, one of the brightest light of our word has gone out” those were the words of British Prime Minister David Cameron as he gave his condolence, not just to South Africa but to Africa as a whole on the death of one of the greatest son NELSON MANDELA (Madiba) who passed away on the 5th of december at about 20:50 local time at the age of 95

The former South African president had been suffering from  lung infection and has been receiving medical attention,  Zuma announced his death in a televised address to the nation, telling mourners that Mandela, often affectionately referred to by his Xhosa clan name “Madiba,” had passed away and would be given a proper state burial.

Madela is seen all over the world as a true hero, his selflessness is reflected in his many humanitarian legacy, notable was his stand against the apartheid government in South Africa and eventually his willingness to sacrifice his life for the course of bringing freedom to the oppressed black people of his nation.

After spending 27 years in a 8 feet by 7 feet concrete cell with only a straw mat to sleep with, Mandela was released February 2nd 1990 through the intervention of President F. W. de Klerk. Mandela became president of the Africa National Congress (ANC) in 1991, and was elected president of South Africa in May 1994, and was able to serve his father land for 5 years.

Nelson Mandela was the first black president and the founding president of the democratic South Africa. It is not surprising that his praise has been sung all over, he was able to transform the nation from its Apartheid system into a land. He turn his prison number and year 46664  into a tool of social change and activism.

in the words of president Zuma Our nation has lost

its greatest son, yet what made Nelson Mandela great was precisely what made him human. We saw in him what we seek in ourselves, and in him we saw so much of ourselves.”

Mandela is survived by his wife, six children, and 17 grandchildren.

Now You See Me

Only if I had the ability to appear and disappear at will; I can’t think of a friend who have not wished that, I mean that is like the easiest solution to most problem if not every problem, just to vanish into thin air anytime things get uncomfortable and re-appear on a beach or an island with such beautiful scenery and relaxing atmosphere.

Well, i guess that will happen the day snail will run faster than cheetah or when rain moves in the opposite direction (from the earth to the cloud). Any way, what I am saying is that never happened when we were young and believed in fantasies nor when we grew and the situations we needed such wish, may be the technology will be made available sometime in the future, but for now we need to wake up to the reality which is; we can’t always run from  Problems or unpleasant situations.

What then can we do? Firstly, seeking an escape from challenges goes to show how man enough we really are – real men are not scared of winning and winners are not scared of confronting challenges, so that challenge is just there to make a man out of you. Secondly, seek the right approach to take on that challenge; the solution for problem A may differ from the solution to problem B, so try to understand the challenge as best as you can so you can come up with a strategic solution.


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The Experience 8 (2013)

The Experience
The Experience

The biggest Gospel Concert ever seen on Africa soil: The Experience

The Experience

“The Experience” (theexperiencelagos.com), an annual event that unites people of different tongues, tribe, class, denomination and sect  together for one purpose; to offer worship, praise and prayer to God.

The event hosted by Pastor Paul Adefarasin of House On The Rock has in less than 10 years of inception has grown in attendance  from well over 50,000 to a whooping 500,000+ people and still continue to attract more people from every part of the country and beyond. Considering the huge resources that goes into the project, the fact that The Experience is a free event still continue to amaze a whole lot of people .In previous editions the Experience has run through the night starting at 7.00pm and running till 6am the following morning; a colossal 11 hours of uninterrupted prayer and live music!

The Experience 8 (2013)

This year’s concert is scheduled to hold at Tafawa Balewa Square (TBS), Onikan on Friday, 6th December 2013 starting from 6pm.The theme for this year is HEAVEN ON EARTH. The event has brought so many of the finest Gospel artists around the world to the shores of Africa, and this year is no exception, appearance by  Micah Stample Tye Tribett, Cece Winans, Don Moen, Donnie Mcclurkin, Yolanda Adams. Also on the home front we have; Frank Edwards, Kingsley Ike, Freke Umoh,  Sammie Okposo, Mike Aremu, Eben, Midnight Crew.

More than the hype, names and glamour, one thing stands out, an opportunity to have an encounter of a life time under the presence of the almighty.

it starts with an experience: The Experience 8 (2013)



I remember taking dance classes during my teenage years, exciting as it was i forgot a little detail; I will have to dance in front of an audience someday, not much of an issues but for the fact that am a very shy guy.

The day finally came, my heart was pounding like it was going to fall out, and I couldnt come up with a sensible excuse than a stomach upset. All said and done, I had to hide behind a very big pull over and cap, got on stage and the rest is history.

There are two kinds of fears, rational and irrational; fears that make sense and fears that don’t but we all have one. The depth in every stories is the fear that was faced, we must understand one truth, there is positivity in our fears because that is where the beauty of your story lies.
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Getting More From Less (Productivity)

Many times we think it is our ability to do so many things that increases our odds to become successful; true as it may seem the results have not been a hundred percent so, in fact not even a twenty percent correct. To think of it is not so difficult, it is all around in our environment, check out people that you know, am sure you will be able to identify two or more people that are so dedicated with whatever it is they do and they end up complaining about how getting through life is difficult, yet there are still few people that seemingly does nothing but get about life effortlessly. I remember back in school days after exam, its that guy that plays around and spend less time reading that ends up with the good grades, while the ones that read there heads off that still struggles with their grade.

Why do you think a rough estimate of 20% people get 80% of the wealth in a society while the remaining 80% struggle over the remaining 20%? or why 80% of the work is done most time by 20% of the staff in a company? The reason is simple, “Pareto Principle” an Italian economist named Vilfredo Pareto. The rule states that for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.
Where this applies to You
Microsoft noted that by fixing the top 20% most reported bugs, 80% of the errors and crashes would be eliminated, this principle can also be of use in our daily life, if we are able to sieve the less productive thing we spend time on and focus on things that are more productive we automatically can optimize the result of those thing we do that are productive and here-by reduce work load

This principle is one of the secrets of many successful

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