We sometimes are deep in religious activities not because of the love we profess for spiritual being we believe in, or for the fact that religion is seen as an innate part of human existence or any reason for that matter.

Rather, our search for safety and security makes our religious inclination stronger, some times the reason a person will leave a religion for another is as a result of the security he can get from this religion in material sense like good job, better living condition, marital bliss, wealth, health ad the likes. The same applies even within the same religion that has different sects

There is no problem in wanting all of these things but over the years they have proved to fail in giving total security because the more we have the more we want. Much more than that religion has a deeper significance than satisfying our physical needs, it is suppose to be how we connect to our spirit and satisfy its needs, the same way our physical needs are satisfied.

I am of the opinion that religion will serve its purpose not by promising physical gratification (primarily), but my making people acknowledge their individual spiritual needs and providing the right way to gratify those needs.

Written for: DailyPost



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